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As Larson Construction Company, Inc. celebrates 60 years building highway structures throughout Wisconsin, we salute out greatest asset: the knowledge, talent, and dedication of our employees.

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Concrete Structure Repair

Inspection and repair services on concrete structures of all types have been part of Larson Construction Company, Inc. since its founding.

As our country’s infrastructure continues to age, structural problems are becoming a greater safety concern for our communities on every level. Larson Construction has helped restore the structural integrity of numerous highway structures and dams for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and various counties and townships throughout Wisconsin.

Our experienced crews are skilled in:

  • Bridge Deck Repair and Replacement
  • Bridge Abutment Repair and Replacement
  • Concrete Surface Repair
  • Repair and Replacement of Custom Concrete Structures
  • Concrete Box Culvert Repair and Extensions
  • Bridge Railing and Parapet Repair
  • Dam Rehabilitation and Repair
  • Dam Surface Restoration and Gate Repair

If you have a structure that requires some repair or stabilization until a replacement can be made, please contact Larson Construction Co., Inc. to discuss how we may be of service.


Call 715-723-9708 for an estimate on pile driving or bridge building service
Concrete Structure Repair Services
  • Emergency Repair and Replacement
  • Concrete and Timber Structure Repairs
  • Concrete Dam Surface and
    Structural Repair
  • Box Culvert Extensions and Repairs
  • Temporary Shoring
Did you Know?

When our company's founder, Andrew Larson built bridges, he travelled from jobsite to jobsite with his wife and ran the projects from their small pull-behind camper. The Eau Claire Engineering Company and Larson Construction usually hired workers from the local areas, believing they would have a vested interest in doing the job right.

Wisconsin Bridge Construction & Repair

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